What do I like to do?

cuddling with Okkie, playing games with Leon (my boyfriend), watching series, streaming on my Twich channel charging games and tinkering every now and then. But also fun things such as zoos, the hortus, castles and amusement parks.


I have been doing archery at the Deventer archery club since 2015. I also help to keep the content of the website up-to-date. I also have my own bow and arrows. My arrows are quite recognizable because I make them myself and always do blue feathers, so just about everyone from the association knows that these are my arrows with the blue feathers.

There is also a  Fairdays once a year, which is an archery event where many archers come to shoot all kinds of things / fake animals on a large parkour. I myself am more into the Cloud shooting part because I am very good at that.

I also did Ashihara karate for a year and before that I spent a long time swimming with my best friend. That’s why I now have 11 swimming diplomas, unfortunately I gave up on it in the end, but I still think it’s great and one of the best things to do. But due to lack of time during the week, it didn’t all work out so well.



I have two snails named Sumurie (which is the largest) and Escar of Escargot. They are African giant snails and currently weigh between 250 and 350 grams. As you would expect from a snail, they are not that demanding of maintenance, but they are nice to look at. Because they are also so big, you can even hear them chewing cucumbers, for example, which is a very special sound if you ask me.

The snails are mollusks (in case you didn’t know) and therefore like to be rinsed under a lukewarm tap.
But otherwise African giant snails can live to be 15 years old and mine are from 2017 So they still have a few years to go to get even bigger.

De Okkie

My little Agoporis/ Lovebird born early September 2021 and the sweetest little bird you could wish for.

She loves breaking things like paper and cardboard, throwing coins off tables or cupboards (and then looking surprised at the floor where the coins have landed) but also learning things and saying words.

An Agoporis does not normally talk, but she babbles well with her favorite words: peekaboo, baby, step up, pawawawa (sound effect), mwaaaa (kiss sound) and now also lie-ke. These words always have to be repeated before she goes to sleep, which sometimes takes a little long but still quite fun.

She can also do some tricks such as a round, leg, get rings from a stick, get coins from a tray, get on, get on a mini skateboard and a few words on command. But only if she feels like it, if she doesn’t find it interesting enough, she often just flies around or tries to demolish something.